Nicholson Foundation Supports Transformational Training Program for PreK-3 Leaders

With a grant from The Nicholson Foundation, the Foundation for Educational Administration (FEA) is launching a 15-month Transforming Early Childhood Leadership Institute. The Institute will provide professional learning and support to leadership teams from 51 schools representing 31 districts in New Jersey that offer PreK-3 instruction to children from vulnerable populations. 

The program consists of three full days of training beginning March 18 at the FEA Conference Center in Monroe, New Jersey, as well as ongoing coaching at the participating schools. Each school will send leadership teams of principals, teacher leaders, and central office staff to collaboratively work with trainers and coaches, who will support them in implementing best practices across their organizations.

A steering committee, comprised of national and state experts, has guided the process for developing the content of the Institute’s sessions. An independent evaluator also will review all aspects of the program and make recommendations to guide program implementation in future years.

By helping school leaders improve their ability to address the unique needs of vulnerable children in the early years of formal education, the Institute will create a stronger support system for early childhood education throughout New Jersey.

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