Improving the Quality of Service and Reducing Costs for Medicaid Patients in Safety Net Hospitals

Stevens Institute of Technology
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Primary Care
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Stevens Institute of Technology is a private research university located in Hoboken, New Jersey, with more than 6,000 undergraduate and graduate students. It supports a range of academic and research programs spanning business, computing, engineering, the arts, and other fields aimed at advancing the frontiers of science and leveraging technology to confront pressing global challenges. 

This project builds on previous work in which Stevens worked with the Hospital Alliance of New Jersey to explore key problems facing New Jersey safety net hospitals and identify potential innovative solutions to address those problems. In this project, Stevens will identify one safety net hospital and work with it to develop and plan the implementation of an innovative solution to reduce the cost of services and improve the quality of care for Medicaid beneficiaries. Three solutions are being considered for this project: (1) addressing over-reliance on the emergency room for primary care and providing improved access to care, (2) addressing reimbursement concerns, and (3) creating an organizational development program to improve safety net hospitals rankings in the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services ranking system.  

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